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Solo Leveling Chapter 128: We won’t have Solo this week, Author caught covid

I come to bring you some sad news, unfortunately chapter 128 of Solo Leveling will be delayed, the author of the work took Convid-19 and will not be able to deliver it on the scheduled date. So the date that was scheduled for today Wednesday, November 18 changed to Thursday, November 26 is sad, but we have to hope for the author’s improvements.

But don’t be sad we will add some Sopliers so you don’t just want to see chapter 128.


SPOILER WARNING: Do not read on unless you wish to know potential spoilers for chapter 128.

  • Jin-Woo thinks carefully about the Angel’s identity, but asks ‘Who Am I?’
  • Woo Jin-Cheol is at the gate and is planning on calling the guild for help, Jong-In and Hae-In are the ones who could lend aid.
  • The Angel, instead of telling Jin-Woo who he is, decides to show him everything.
  • Jin-Woo experiences flashbacks/hallucinations from his past, his status as a weak hunter before his transformation.
  • A message pops up ‘Will you consent to the playback?’
  • Jin-Woo slowly says ‘yes’ and is shrouded in darkness as another message pops up saying that his data has been uploaded.

As always, don’t take leaked spoilers as gospel and read chapters through official sources.

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